Dragon Ball Xenoverse E3 2014: How Much Of An Upgrade Is This New DBZ Installment? Insider Reveals Nothing Much Has Changed Except Graphics!

Dragon Ball is one of the oldest and most successful Japanese anime around. The brand has produced countless fighting video games. With the birth of the Xbox One and the PS4, it seems that Dragon Ball is hoping to go next-gen.

Namco Bandai came out today to reveal that Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be the next game coming from the franchise. It will be a multi-platform title and also the first Dragon Ball game to feature on the next-gen consoles.

Namco also went into detail by claiming that the battles in Xenoverse will reborn. It is unsure what the game developer meant by that but fans can assume it to be something awesome.

The game developer concluded by unveiling Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s trailer. In the short footage, fans can get a glimpse of the high-end graphics that the game is going to offer.

One of Gamespot’s insiders got a first glimpse of the game. According to him:

“Characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse sport real-time animations during battles, as evidenced by the grimaces I witnessed on Goku’s face during his fight with Cell. It was a small feature that had no impact on battles where mechanics were concerned, but added a nice little touch of authenticity. Fights occurred at a speedy pace and looked flashy, but Yamazaki assured me the combo system had been created with the goal of allowing the game to be more “accessible”.

“More skilled fans will still be able to enjoy the more complex mechanics however, thanks to a combo layering system that would be present in the game, he added. Combos could be mixed up with different move input order, and holding down a button for longer grants it harder impact.”

While it all sounds great, Namco failed to reveal Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s release date. However, we can expect more information to spill as we near the game’s release. Meanwhile, gamers can check out the game’s trailer below.

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