Dredd 2 News: ‘Conversations’ Happening, According To Karl Urban; Movie Coming As A Comic Sequel In The US? No Solid Confirmation Yet About The Film

Dredd 2 News: 'Conversations' Happening
Dredd 2 News: 'Conversations' Happening

On the latest post of Screent Rant, the 2012 Judge Dredd 1 had been compared to the movie “The Raid 1: Redemption” although the script of Dredd 1 was done before the breakout of the Indonesian film.

Judge Dredd 1 got an uninspiring box office number. However, director Pete Travis received solid praise from critics and moviegoers.Previous Judge Dredd starred by Sylvester Stallone and the action scenes can’t stop the moviegoers to compare it with Gareth Evans’ The Raid: Redemption even though both films were in production at the same time. 

Screenrant’s overview regarding the next Judge Dredd 2 was considered by many moviegoers and comic book lovers to be one of the more cohesive comic book films of the past ten years. However, a tragically mismanaged marketing campaign and a financial flop are the threats to make a sequel of Dredd  dead.

The franchise reboot only earned $35 million while the budget expenses were $50 million.

From the blog of IndieWire, when Andi Shankar asked about the next sequel Judge Dredd 2 , he said that “probably not”.

On the same blog post however, at the Destination Star Trek Frankfurt event, Karl Urban  also asked about “Dredd 2,” and he replied that “conversations” were happening thanks to the first film’s performance on home video. 

There is also a rumor that Judge Dredd 2 will come as a comic sequel in the USA but no one from the production and cast gave confirmation about this.

There could be some negotiation happening between Lionsgate, screenwriter Alex Garland and director Peter Travis. However, there is no solid confirmation if Dredd 2 will pushed through.

There are only rumors and predictions if the Dredd sequel will be rebooted or just continue the last 2012 movie. As of the moment, fans and critiques could only do is to wait for the final decision of the film production. 

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