Driveclub E3 Features New Weather System Post-Launch; Is Sony Stepping Up Its Game In Light Of Forza Horizon 2? The Race For Realistic Racing Sims Continues

The unveiling of Driveclub E3 revealed a twist fans of racing games should’ve expected, considering Forza Horizon 2 and its installed weather system engine.

Sony announced yesterday it’s introducing a neat feature to the Driveclub experience. Weather dynamics are crucial to racing and driving simulators, and it’s confirmed the game will come with Rain and Snow effects post-launch.

The popular reaction is that Sony’s announcement came in the wake of Forza Horizon 2 and it’s confirmed weather system feature, which changes weather patterns during race legs. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky quickly deflected allegations they’re taking a page out of Playground Games’ handbook.

“We’ve been planning to show it at E3 for a while. DRIVECLUB is a service & we’ll be adding lots of great stuff after launch… We’ve been showing the press live demos of the DRIVECLUB weather in action. After E3 we’ll be putting together something for everyone to see.”

The Driveclub E3 won’t have a weather system by default, even on the release date. Sony is instead launching it as an add-on or upgrade after the title hits the market.

As a nice step-up to the Forza Horizon 2 feature, Driveclub will also immerse players in the game by adjusting crowd appearance depending on the weather. Spectators’ clothes vary with the climate, ensuring each track is as unique as the weather in play.

Trial copies are available, but only through the PlaysStation Plus portal; Sony has scrapped any plans for a demo release. “There are no plans for a demo. But if you’re a PS+ subscriber you’ll be able to check out a huge proportion of the game!”

Reports of an open beta testing are also unconfirmed, and Rustchynsky goes so far as to say it’s all rumor. “We’ve made no official announcement, therefore it’s just a rumour.”

The Driveclub E3 experience will also be as realistic as it gets, especially with the capabilities of next-gen consoles considered. Damage effects as minute as paint scrapes, dents, and cracks will show and worsen as cars tear on each other mid-race (


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