E3 2014 Games Now Have A Clearer Picture As Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix And Deep Silver Give Details Of What They Will Present On June 10-12!

The hype surrounding this year’s E3 is just getting bigger and bigger. E3 2014 is almost upon every gamers and the big publishers are preparing their lineups for this big event. And while most titles are already anticipated, gamers will also be getting new details about some brand new unannounced games which the big publishers are more than excited to reveal!

Bethesda, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Square Enix and Deep Silver will reveal new unannounced games. You heard that right, Bethesda will unveil a brand new game and while most gamers are expecting it to be a new Fallout game, it is strongly suggested to not keep any hopes high as this might be the rebooted version of Prey 2 (which seems more likely than Fallout 4).

Ubisoft, makers of the renowned Assassin’s Creed franchise and Watch Dogs, will reveal two unannounced titles, while Electronic Arts will show one unannounced title. Sources say that EA’s unannounced title is no other than Battlefield: Hardline. While most of already know that Visceral is working on it, EA has not officially revealed as of yet.

Square Enix will unveil three unannounced titles, and one of them will probably be the new Deus Ex game. Keep in mind that Deus Ex Universe is not a game but a whole project, meaning that the next Deus Ex title has not been revealed yet. It is a fact that Hitman won’t make it to E3, so don’t expect to hear anything from it.

Last but not least, Deep Silver will announce two new games. The publisher has recently revealed the new Metro remakes that are being developed by 4A Games, so gamers can expect a totally unheard of titles thus far. One of them may very well be the new Homefront game as it was announced yesterday. So what’s the other one?

All in all, it seems that this year’s E3 will be quite interesting.

TwitchTV will livestream all conferences – as well as some special events – and The Witcher 3 fans will be happy to hear that a 30-minute show is scheduled for it (which may very well be that 45-minute preview event that CDPR announced a while back).

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