Ed Sheeran New Album ‘X’: Listen To New Song ‘Photograph’ Here! ‘A Team’ Singer Says Taylor Swift Is A ‘Middle Aged Woman’

Ed Sheeran just released another new track off of his forthcoming album, X, called “Photograph.” Listen to the full track below!

The 24-year-old musician has debuted eight songs off of of his new album, which drops on Monday, June 23rd.

Sheeran recently told Digital Spy, “I used to find it hard,” when critics ripped his music apart.

The ‘A Team’ singer also talked about his single ‘Sing’ from his new album, saying, “”It’s the furthest left I went on the new album, and I felt like I should put that out first. It shocks people, whereas some of the album is kind of like the first one, which wouldn’t shock people. It’s probably not representative of the whole album, but elements of it are.”

He said about making the new album, “”I took more time putting x together. I really tried to perfect it, whereas + was just an of the moment thing. There was a lot of hype around me at that time in terms of building fan base and radio, and I was releasing stuff so often that the album just followed in quick succession. There wasn’t a big lead up to it or pressure to work with big people and create a monster hit – it was just release an album.”

Sheeran also had some hilarious things to say about friend Taylor Swift to TIME magazine recently. He said, “I know she’s 24 but she’s a sort of middle-aged woman trapped in a 24-year-old’s body. She hangs out with her cat and sews things.”

He was then asked how old his soul was, to which he responded, “My soul age differs from day to day. It can be 8 or 80. It just depends on what I’m doing. If I’m working it’s usually pretty spot-on for work, but if I’m with my friends and the clock’s off I’ll go back to being young.”

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