Ed Sheeran New Song For 2014 Titled ‘Sing’ Features Pharell Williams; Vivacious Puppet Stars In The Music Video; Album ‘X’ Release Date Set For June 23

Talented young English singer Ed Sheeran’s new song 2014 title ‘Sing’, has a relaxing rhythm. The official music video of this song stars a hilarious puppet Ed Sheeran, which shows the wild side of the artist

From the article of Glamourmagazine.co.uk, Ed Sheeran new song 2014, ‘Sing’ was produced by Pharell Williams, and this single belongs to Ed’s second album called ‘X.’

The Album X was recorded in New York’s Jungle City studios. After Ed bumped into the song’s producer Pharrell, they exchanged details and soon, the two hit the studio.

On the post of UK.tv.yahoo.com, Ed and Pharrell were already attempting to record a video, before they end up adding a puppet version of Ed turns up to steal the show.

Ed told Ross King that the video was inspired by a crazy night out with a surprising pop star and he honestly revealed that he has lots of ideas that can be put on this video. He stated:

“I had lots of different ideas for this video and I basically… I went out on a night out with Psy, Gangnam Style Psy, about a year ago with a bunch of his mates and it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life and I kind of wanted to recreate that”

The story has a little rascal at the end when the wild Puppet Ed got drunk, picked up some dancers, and performed karaokes with some businessmen. He was then joined by real Ed Sheeran and Pharell before he was arrested.

The combination of the funny concept from Ed with the mix of cool upbeat of ‘Sing’ turns out a full entertainment.

Ed Sheeran new album “X” will be released on June 23.

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