‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Actor Emily Blunt Recalls Near-Death Experience with Tom Cruise; Did She Almost Kill Katie Holmes’ Ex?

The “Edge of Tomorrow” star Emily Blunt blurted she “almost killed Tom Cruise” as she recalled having a near-death experience in a car scene with Katie Homes’ ex.

According to

Entertainment Tonight News, Emily Blunt said in

that she felt a bit obligated to show off her own moves in the scene and be a bit faster in driving as what the stunt experts advised.

Having lead action star Tom Cruise in the passenger seat, the Golden Globe award-winning actress said, “I tear down this part and Tom’s being very quiet behind me.”

But just as the 31-year-old “Edge of Tomorrow” actor Emily Blunt approached the right-hand turn, she heard Cruise, 51, muttered “Break, break, break. Break. Break, break, break …Oh God. Break, break, break… Break it hard!”

But it was too late and they hit into a tree.

She even admitted that the first time she heard Cruise asking to break made her thik he was being “annoying.”

“When I first heard ‘break,’ I thought, ‘Ah, shut up.’ As if I knew more about stunt driving than Tom Cruise! I mean obviously he knows nothing. I’ve got this,” said the “Edge of Tomorrow” actor Emily Blunt.

But the stars eventually shared a good laugh on the situation. Blunt also thanked the A-list action star for his being supportive in the epic movie as she is pregnant.

“So I told him I was growing a human. He was so cute about it and protected me – he almost went overboard in helping me. In the end I had to say, ‘Tom. I’m fine, I can do stairs!”‘ she told host Graham Norton in another interview.

The Doug Liman sci-fi film based from Japanese author Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need Is Kill is also a replay of the D-Day invasion. 

An early summer season treat to action and sci-fi fanatics, Cruise plays as the grunt and Blunt as the Angel Bitch. Together they conquer extraterrestrial entities. The “Edge of Tomorrow” is set to hit big screens today, June 15. The screenwriters are Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth.

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