Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi Divorce Rumors Negated, Talk Show Host’s Father Approves Of Her Marriage To ‘Arrested Development’ Star; ‘You Can’t Improve Perfection’ Stepmom Says

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi divorce rumors reappear every now and then adding one allegation from another. Recently, a report on how the talk show host’s father, Elliott DeGeneres, allegedly disapproved of her marriage with the Australian actress surfaces. According to Echo News, Elliott insists that the claims are groundless and said he loves 56-year-old Ellen “very, very, very much” and approves of her marriage to Portia.

“Portia’s so wonderful. She’s very kind and beautiful and generous. She’s just perfection… you can’t improve on perfection,” says Virginia, Elliot’s second wife and stepmom to Ellen.

Looking back, Ellen’s mom Betty wrote in her 2000 book that Elliot had “kicked the talk show host out of his house when she came out as gay.” Elliot and his current wife disproved the accusation.

“We went to the wedding! It was sublime, spectacular. But it was also very private and beautiful,” Ellen’s stepmother speaks of Ellen’s wedding with Portia, who she wed in 2008.

The pair never admitted the buzzes of their alleged divorce issues. Reportedly, the duo wanted to quash the gossips by getting wedded again. According to Examiner, this time around their marriage ceremony ceremony will be more publicly orchestrated.

Gay Star News reported that according to OK Magazine, DeGeneres and De Rossi  “want to show their commitment to each other” and help push for same-sex marriage in De Rossi’s home country.

”[They] are looking to do something on or around August 16, their sixth wedding anniversary, in Portia’s home country of Australia. They want it to be in Sydney because the city has a big gay population, and they want to help spur the acceptance of same-sex marriage,” an insider told the magazine.

DeGeneres and De Rossi tied the knot in August 2008 after four years of dating. They married at their Los Angeles home in front of just 19 guests. 

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