Emily Blunt Baby Update: “Edge Of Tomorrow” Actress Breasts Swelled With So Much Milk; Thinking Of Having 12 Babies?

The “Edge of Tomorrow” actress Emily Blunt baby news revealed that her breasts swelled with so much milk and even thought she had 12 children upon giving birth to her baby.

Speaking in

“The Ellen Show,” the 31-year-old actress recalled to host Ellen Degeneres that when her milk came out, she was in deep pain, referring to her breasts as “two enormous heads.”  

“My boobs thought I had 12 children,” the “Edge of Tomorrow” star joked. reported that the Golden Globe winner also added she could have been a wet nurse in Medieval time because she could “feed the whole village while they all went to work.”

On losing weight, the “Edge of Tomorrow” actress said that she found breastfeeding to be the answer.

“I found that because I managed to produce a lot of milk I don’t know why it helped me lose the weight,” Emily Blunt baby news was further revealed.

The “The Edge of Tomorrow” actress is on her way to Jimmy Kimmel’s home in Hollywood Hills on Saturday when she was seen first time with her three-month-old daughter Hazel.  

She was wearing grey tunic top and black leggings. She paired her look with a traditional Dior shades and gold gladiator sandals. Emily Blunt’s baby was clad in a floral one-piece suit over a white shirt.

“She’s just stinking cute. Yeah she’s so cute. She came out like ready for a photo shoot. She was like this, just perfect,” the “Looper” star told.

Her Emmy-nominated husband John Krasinski also took to Twitter to post the first ever Emily Blunt baby photo for their followers last May.

The actress told Ellen that Krasinski is one ‘great dad’ as she added that Hazel loves him so much.

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