Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Paparazzi Stunt; Couple Uses Paparazzi to Support Charities

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Paparazzi incident went viral on the Internet. Hopefully, other celebrities will catch on and pull a stunt like this as well.

“Spiderman” couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield was spotted eating at a local restaurant in Manhattan. Their response to the growing number of photographers outside the restaurant showed precisely how resourceful the couple is.

Instead of showing their irritation by unleashing different kinds of expletives, the Stone-Garfield tandem used this opportunity to promote some of their favorite charities. They made use of pieces of paper to write their notes on and put it up in front of their faces as they walked the pavement. This is, perhaps, the most positive purpose that the Paparazzi has ever been used for.

They listed names of various charities, such as Autism Speaks, Worldwide Orphans, and Youth Mentoring, to name a few.

The note in Stone’s hand said, “Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside, so we thought let’s try this again. We don’t need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do.” At the end of her note, she drew an arrow that was pointing to its left portion, which, in turn, happened to be where Garfield’s note was located at the time.

Garfield wrote on his piece of paper, “Here’s to stuff that matters.” It was on Garfield’s note that the charities were listed down in no particular order.

The boyfriend-girlfriend duo had already done this tactic once in New York after they were followed around by the Paparazzi. It was in September of 2012 that they did a similar stunt and featured the charities Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Gilda’s Club. It would seem that they have cultivated their common interests with charitable causes considering they have been dating since 2011.

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