“Endless Love” Says Love Is Stronger Than Death

Hwang Jung Eum’s words in the teaser trailer for the upcoming weekend drama “Endless Love” make it seem as if one of the leading men will not have a very longstanding role. She says “Love is stronger than death” and then the trailer shows an accident involving Jung Kyung Ho. Does that mean he dies? It’s not likely as his character in the drama helps create the love triangle that propels the drama’s plot.

Jung Kyung Ho, last seen in “Cruel City,” plays the Han Kwang Chul. He’s one of two brothers who are in love with Hwang Jung Eum’s character Seo In Ae. Ryu Soo Young, previously seen in “Two Weeks,” plays the older brother Han Kwang Hoon. While Han Kwang Hoon is the sensible older brother, Han Kwang Chul is rebellious and short tempered. In love with his older brother’s girl, he vows to love her until the day he dies. The story follows the characters from the 1970s to the 1990s, incorporating all the political and economic developments of the time into its plot. But it will focus on love and betrayal. While Han Kwang Hoon sincerely loves Seo In Ae, he’s also very ambitious. Born the son of a poor fisherman, he is bitter and desperate to make something of his life even if that means advancing himself through marriage. One way he might do that is to marry the daughter of Chun Tae Woong, a powerful general with political ambitions. That general, played by Cha In Pyo, sees Han Kwang Hoon as suitable son-in-law material. He is eager to marry Han to his only daughter. That’s not good news for Seo In Ae, who may be discarded by the only man she has ever loved. But as the “queen of melodrama,” Hwang Eun Jung has had plenty of practice playing roles in which she is discarded. In last year’s melodrama “Secrets,” she played a woman who went to jail for the man she loved, only to have him leave her for a wealthier woman. Meanwhile Seo In Ae has more to be unhappy about. She wants to find out who killed her mother and avenge that death. If Jung Kyung Ho’s character survives his accident, it’s likely that his enduring love will seem preferable to the love offered by Ryu Soo Young’s ambitious character. Pitting brothers against each other is nothing new for writer Na Yeon Sook, as he was the screenwriter for “East of Eden.” This tale of love overcoming death promises plenty of twists and turns. It premieres on June 21, following “Angel Eyes.”

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