Evander Holyfield News: ‘The Real Deal’ Officially Retires From Boxing! Five-Time World Heavyweight Champion Won’t Face Younger Boxers Today?

Evander Holyfield news features “The Real Deal’s” official retirement from the sport of boxing at age 51.

The five-time world heavyweight champion, who is known for his memorable battles in the ring against Michael Moorer, Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, and Mike Tyson, made his announcement Thursday night.

“No, I’m done,” he said in an interview with regarding the Evander Holyfield news. “They’re putting me in the Hall of Fame on the 9 [of August], so it will be official. Won’t nobody fight me, and now, I don’t want to get hit.”

Evander Holyfield’s last fight was in July 2011, a non-title 12-round match against Brian Nielsen, where he won via 10 round TKO. He holds a record of 44-10-2, with one no contest.

Being out of action for almost three years has finally urged “The Real Deal” to walk away from the sport.

“It just started happening,” Holyfield explained. “The guys [at Dynasty Boxing] were waiting on me to be part of this thing, and I told them that I would. They said, ‘Have you retired?’ I said I’d be retired that day. I’d say that’s it.”

The landscape of boxing’s heavyweight division has undergone a drastic change since Evander Holyfield’s prominence. Currently, Ukrainian sensation Wladimir Klitschko is the belt-holder for the said weight class, and Evander Holyfield is not keen on trying to match himself up with him. 

“They might hit me with something crazy,” he continued about the Evander Holyfield news. “The Klitschkos are skillful fighters. They do certain things that you can pick up. You get in this league and there are people who know how to fight. You mess around and let somebody advance in this league who can’t fight.”

Evander Holyfield spent almost three decades fighting inside the ring, and has seen the sport evolve to where it is today. While he did bring up a positive note about today’s fighters, he also has something to criticize them about.

“I see a lot of guys that do basic things and they can’t make adjustments,” Holyfield said. “They won’t be there long, even though they might win.”

“To stay long you have to make adjustments,” he added.

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