Evernote Cyber Attack Prevents Users from Accessing Files

Reports have stated that there is an existing Evernote cyber attack going on. In addition to this, Feedly, internationally renowned news aggregator, has stated that it has come under a “distributed denial of service” attacks from various cyber criminals. This cyber attack has prevented their users from accessing their services on any form of technology.

Between the two companies, Evernote, a popular service for web clippings and online notes, was the first to receive such attack, specifically on Tuesday, while it was only on Wednesday that Feedly started to suffer from a similar one. Despite the attacks, the latter has assured its users that their saved data will be safe and that they are presently implementing certain actions for removing the threats.

The users of Evernote, to this date, are still unable to synchronize their notes, which was usually doable by synchronizing files from one device to another.

Representatives of the companies have stated in a blog post, “The attacker is trying to extort us money to make it stop.” It is still not yet determined whether or not the two aforementioned are linked, but Feedly and Evernote have been known to work closely with one another, garnering around 100 million users.

In reference to the present Feedly and Evernote cyber attack, the companies’ representatives said, “We refused to give in.”

Distributed denial of service, otherwise coined as DDoS, occur when thousands of computers send huge amounts of data for targeting servers in the hopes of overwhelming them. Such attack oftentimes involves hijacked PCs, whose owners are usually unaware of their involvement. Botnets are believed to be the main culprit when it comes to hijacking computers.

This is not the first time that Evernote’s operations have been compromised. Some time in 2013, hackers were able to gain access to user names, encrypted passwords, and email addresses. Fortunately, for this latest cyber attack, its reach is more limited.

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