F1 Racer Nico Rosberg Believes he as Psychological Edge over Lewis Hamilton

German-Finnish race car driver Nico Erik Rosberg believes that he has an edge over British Formula One racer from England, Lewis Hamilton. Both Rosberg and Hamilton belonged to the same racing team for Mercedes. Rosberg landed in the second place at the Canadian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton on the other hand, was not able to finish the race.

According to Rosberg “If your team-mate has three or four wins in a row that’s obviously going to strengthen his position, So it was really important to bring that run to an end because psychology is a big part of sports.” He then added “If you have those results behind you, like I do now, it gives you that little bit extra, that little bit of an edge, so it does help. It’s important.”  

During the race in Canada, both Hamilton and Rosberg suffered identical issues with one of the Mercedes cars two-energy recovery systems. Because of this, Rosberg was able to handle the problem despite the severe difficulties and manage to finish a good second place while Hamilton on the other hand was forced to retire from the race.

The trouble that haunted the Mercedes car ended their run of six consecutive victories as well as their team going unbeaten for an entire season. According to Rosberg “It sucks because our car is fast enough to win every race, so coming away from Canada without the win was a big disappointment for our team. We need to bounce back in Austria and finish one-two in every race given the car we have.”

It also did not go so well for Hamilton in Monaco allowing Rosberg to open up a 22 -point cushion before returning to Austria.  The 28 year old German is now ascending from the ranks of Formula One.

Rosberg joined Mercedes team for the 2010 Formula One Season.  Since then he has been reaping immense success winning 5 Grand Prix and earning 7 pole periods. It seems like the future is bright for the young Rosberg. This has been going well for his Formula One racing career and it looks like there is going to be some fierce completion between Hamilton and him. 

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