‘Falling Skies’ Season 4 Actor Noah Wyle Marries In Secret; Jets To Paris For Honeymoon With Sara Wells

“Falling Skies” season 4 actor Noah Wyle married his fiancee in secret as he jetted off to Paris for honeymoon with Sara Wells.

“Falling Skies” season 4 actor Noah Wyle confirmed the news while he was grilled on Tuesday’s “The View” edition. It’s the second marriage for him after his divorce from make-up artist Tracy Warbin, said.

Noah Wyle has two children with Tracy Warbin, Owen, 11 and Auden, 8, before they separated in 2009.

“It was beautiful. It was great. It was a very small ceremony,” the 43-year-old actor said when asked about his Santa Barbara wedding with his girlfriend of three years. He dished out some details like exchanging vows in front of a barn in their own farm in California.

“We got married on the ranch in front of the barn and then took a honeymoon. We just got back from Paris, which was incredible. Very romantic,” he added, according to

Talking about his Paris honeymoon, the former “ER” actor said: “I love to walk in foreign cities and get lost and then find my way back and the jet-lag allowed us to do that. It’s such a nightlife town anyway, and the sun doesn’t go down until 10 o’clock this time of year so we just strolled around.”

According to , “Falling Skies” season 4 actor Noah Wyle and Sara Wells began dating in 2011. She describes herself as an “honest-to-goodness, real life Fairy Princess.” She operates an entertainment company dedicated to kids but she’s also acted in parts for “Californication” and “Nip/Tuck.”

In the last episode of Falling Skies which aired June 22 titled “Ghost in the Machine,” the Espheni attacked and the 2nd Mass broken up into different factions. The synopsis said: “Divided like chattel and spread to the winds, The Masons must each forge new relationships and abilities to survive.”

“Falling Skies” airs on Sunday on at 10 p.m.

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