Fan Incidents At Brazil World Cup 2014 You Should Definitely Avoid


A Brazil fan died from a heart attack as his favourite team scored a 

penalty shootout on Chile in the World Cup tournament.

The 69-year-old fan was watching the exciting game in a bar near the Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte when he had a heart attack, and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

According to a state’s health department representative, the fan died two hours after arriving at the hospital. Authorities revealed that the fan had a high blood pressure and diabetes, in a statement released to the Estado de Minas newspaper.

According to health authorities 98 people in total needed treatments for emergencies throughout the tournament, with a 50-year old woman fan needing treatment while watching the game due to a heart health problem. There was even a need to stop a fight a male fan got into while watching the game got underway.

Brazil triumphed over Chile in a 3-2 on penalty, scoring 1-1 after an extra time, going ahead to face Colombia in the quarter-finals.

On the other hand, in Bogota, Colombia, a woman was hit and killed by a stray bullet the previous night. The bullet accidentally hit the woman when someone shot it out to celebrate Colombia’s victory over Uruguay

Bogota mayor called on to the public to be more careful when it comes to celebrating victories in the World Cup, to avoid fatal accidents. A fan of England’s also encountered a violent incident when part of his ear was bitten off by another fan during a match against Uruguay in the group games, subsequently, causing panics all over the stadium.

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