Fans Demand Lady Gaga ‘Do What You Want’ Full Music Video To Be Posted Online Despite Criticisms That It Is Promoting Rape

Lady Gaga’s “Do what you want” full music video may be uploaded on Youtube after fans demanded that the music video be shown online.

Fans on Facebook are rallying their support for Lady Gaga’s “Do what you want” music video and they demand that the music video be shown in its entirety whether through Youtube or on TV but Lady Gaga’s fans will have to contend with those who criticize the “Do what you want” music video as and “ad for rape”.

Jessica Goodman from the Huffington Post claimed that the video is “literally an Ad for rape” while PageSix reported that “Gaga had a video directed by an alleged sexual predator, starring another sexual predator. With the theme, ‘I’m going to do whatever I want with your body’? It was literally an ad for rape.”

Fans of Lady Gaga are quick to defend their “Mother Monster” however by posting their views online:

“You guys are all saying this video is an “advertisement for rape” however none of you actually no the full purpose that was intended for the video, nor have you even actually seen the full video.”

“its actually a metaphor for rape. how the media and papparazi rape artists on a daily basis.”

These are just some of the posts made by Lady Gaga’s fans on the comment section on Huffington Posts report on Lady Gaga’s “Do what you want” music video.

TMZ posted a clip of Lady Gaga’s “Do what you want” music video and you can watch it below:

What do you think? Should Lady Gaga’s “Do what you want” music video be uploaded in its entirety online? Sound off in the comments below!

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