Far Cry Movie Reboot On The Works? Third Installment Of This Revered Game Franchise Being Adapted? Who Could Play The Roles Of Jason And Grant Brody?

Far Cry Movie News: Nowadays, games have been subject for film adaptations. Not only does it offer interesting storylines, but it also attracts a huge target audience, first being the avid fans of that certain game.

Not many games are given that privilege though, as most games being translated into the big screen are those with a sequel or two. Far Cry, definitely fits in to that criteria. Variety reports that Ubisoft are planning to reboot the Far Cry film, along with Watch Dogs and Rabbids films. If a film reboot should be given another go, what Far Cry sequel should be adapted? Below is a fan made video suggesting possible cast for the reboot: Uwe Boll may have done his very damnedest to break any chance of a compelling Far Cry movie being made with his own unique take on the material, but Ubisoft is coming back around for another go. This time, it’s looking to invest more heavily and retain a greater degree of creative control over the film. It would be no understatement – as much as Mr Boll brings a smile to our face – to suggest that’s a good idea. The first film was not well received. Like most other films directed by Uwe Boll, Far Cry received negative reviews with most critics saying it does the games no justice. IGN gave the film a 3 out of 10 and said “Perhaps one day game companies will learn to be more particular about the directors they chose to realize their products on the big screen. From that day on, Boll will have to find some original material to ruin, but it’s too late for Far Cry. Fans of the game, and fans of movies in general, would be wise to avoid this one at all cost. Unless, of course, your purpose is to mock.” The plot revolved around Jack Carver, a former member of the Special Forces takes the journalist Valerie Cardinal to an island to visit her uncle Max, who is working in a military complex on the island. As they arrive Valerie gets captured by the minions of Doctor Krieger. Jack doesn´t care about her until his boat explodes. After the destruction of his boat Jack finds out about the true purpose of the facilities on the island, which is the creation of genetically modified soldiers. What do you think readers? Are there better candidates for Jason and Grant Brody? Sound off in the comments section below!

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