‘Fashion Police’ Guest Host Margaret Cho Now A Mainstay; Gets Permanent Contract With E!

‘Fashion Police’ Guest Host Margaret Cho Now A Mainstay; Gets Permanent Contract With E!

‘Fashion Police’ Guest Host Margaret Cho Now A Mainstay; Gets Permanent Contract With E!

“Fashion Police” guest host Margaret Cho is now a mainstay in the hit fashion critique show. According to a report from Radar Online , the comedienne recently signed a contract with E! Network to be a permanent part of the panel.

The decision to retain Margaret Cho came after “Fashion Police” execs saw how the host’s appearance caused a significant increase in ratings.
“Everyone is thrilled!” an insider said.
“The producers of the show realized that, without Margaret, the show would be doomed.”
“The episodes that Margaret appeared on so far had much higher ratings than the ones without her,” the insider added.
The report also revealed that Margaret Cho was first offered to become a permanent “Fashion Police” host months ago. The 47-year-old comic reportedly negotiated for a big talent fee before confirming her post.
“They offered Margaret the position several months ago, but it took this long for contract negotiations to go through,” a source explained.
“Margaret wanted more money than they had initially offered her and, in the end, she got what she wanted. She is now making just as much as the rest of them.”
“Obviously she is getting paid six figures, but even people who work for E! do not know how much they all make. She is on a contract now though and is no longer paid per episode,” the source added.
“Fashion Police” has been struggling ever since they lost lead host Joan Rivers in September 2014. After temporarily going off the air following the iconic comedienne’s death, the show went on a six-month hiatus earlier this year because of the untimely resignations of hosts Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin.
With the show getting back on the right track, 47-year-old executive producer Melissa Rivers said that she is happy with everything.
The only daughter of Joan Rivers also pointed out to People  that the new season is more creative.
“I think we really started to find our footing those last few episodes that I hosted,” Melissa Rivers said.
“So now that we have our feet underneath us, I think we can start to explore creatively a little bit more.”
New York Daily News   previously reported about how Melissa Rivers got disappointed at the show, specifically after the resignation of former “Fashion Police” host and Joan Rivers’ protégé, Kathy Griffin.
“My biggest complaint was the feeling that she kind of s— all over my mother’s legacy in her statement on leaving,” Melissa Rivers said about the redhead comedienne.
“‘Fashion Police’ was this little jewel, and it was the last piece I had of my mother and I working together.”

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