Fast And Furious 7 Spoilers: Paul Walker’s Brother Does A Scene With Vin Diesel And Jordana Brewster! Source Says ‘Cody Will Continue To Have A Role In Future Movies’

The latest “Fast and Furious 7” spoilers involve one of Paul Walker’s brothers and that is none other than Cody Walker. The 25-year old actor was seen doing a scene with on-screen siblings Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) and Jordana Brewster (Mia Toretto).

Based on the photo published by Hollywood Life, Cody was seen holding a doll that looked like a little boy. It could have been the body double of their son because Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Conner is married to Mia Toretto and they have a son in the film. Also seen in the photo was Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster talking with each other.

A month ago, the Daily Mail revealed some “Fast and Furious 7” spoilers. The website posted photos of Cody Walker with on-screen wife Jordana Brewster and their son. The couple looked happy together in a beach in Malibu. Paul Walker’s brother was seen hugging his on-screen family and carrying his child on his shoulders.

This could be the last scene from the movie because based on reports, the producers decided not to kill Brian O’Conner and instead let him retire. A source said, “Paul’s character Brian O’Conner will be seen retiring.” The insider added, “While his younger brother will join the crew.”

Could that mean that we will be seeing more of Cody Walker in the future “Fast and Furious” films? It isn’t surprising that the producers get him again because he really does look like his brother and he seems to be a natural when it comes to acting.

The source said, “Of course, Cody isn’t a replacement for Paul in any way, but the producers were really grateful that he stepped in to help them finish this last film and Cody so likeable and charming.”

The insider added, “It would be a tribute to Paul that Cody carries on the Walker name in the ‘Fast and The Furious’ movies.”  I’m pretty sure many girls would love to see him appear in future films.

We will reveal more “Fast and Furious 7” spoilers before the movie hits the theaters on April 15, 2015.

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