Father’s Day 2014 Gift Guide: Get The Best Present For Dad To Show Him He’s The Greatest!


It’s Father’s Day and here’s a gift guide that you can follow to show your dad that he is the greatest dad ever!

Time to pick out the best toys to give your pops this Sunday, but for many sons and daughters, that can be difficult.

Hopefully this gift guide will help.

One classic gift every kid can give his or her father is the traditional tie, but honestly that’s for amateur hour. It’s time to step it up.

Everybody knows that dads like to tell jokes; not necessarily good ones, but embarrassing ones. They always seem to become a wise cracker when your friends come to the house to hang out or when you’re introducing your girlfriend or boyfriend to them for the first time.

While us kids try not to encourage our fathers from continuing their onslaught of one-liners, a good gag gift could still be one of the many books dedicated to dad jokes. Maybe he’ll actually pick up a good one or two in there.

If your dad is just like the millions of other sports fans in the U.S., there’s no better day than Father’s Day to take your pops out to a baseball game, especially this time of year when the MLB is really heating up.

Most dads love their red meat, especially when they get to cook it themselves on the grill. So if your dad is one of those kinds of guys, why not pick up some steaks at your nearest meat market to go along nicely with a set of new grilling tools.

Now you can’t go wrong with picking your old man up some killer action/adventure movies. Best Buy and Amazon can help you find some cool DVD and Blu-Ray sets of your dad’s favorite movies — that is, of course, if he doesn’t already own them.

If your dad is the outdoors type, maybe it’s time you get him that new pocketknife or camping bag he’s needed for a while. Or just take your dad on an excursion to your nearest hiking and camping spot. What pops wouldn’t enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors with his kid?

And if staying at home for some rest and relaxation is more fitting for the old man, find him a set of new beer mugs or glasses and surprise him with a six pack of his favorite beer for the two of you to enjoy, permitting that you have a valid driver’s license and are of legal age to purchase and consume alcohol.

If this is just one of those years that you’re strapped for cash, every dad just wants to know they’re loved and appreciated, so maybe just saying the words is all he needs to hear on Sunday.

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