‘Fault In Our Stars’ Actor Ansel Elgort New Movie: Shortlisted For Remake of 1983 Film ‘WarGames’. Will He Beat Tree Of Life Star Tye Sheridan For Lead Role?

With an already busy film schedule, breakout actor Ansel Elgort adds yet another to his growing list of possible film projects. With him o the shortlist is Tye Sheridan. 

This time, it’s the MGM remake of the 1983 science fiction movie , which featured Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman and Ally Sheedy.

The film chronicles the adventures of a young hacker, who unwittingly obtains access into a US Department of Defense computer concerned with nuclear warfare programs. In the process, the young man almost ignites World War III.

WarGames was very successful at the box office. Made for only $12 million, the movie earned $79 million after just a five month run in the US and Canada. It was even nominated for three Oscar Awards. A direct-to-DVD sequel, , was released in 2008.

MGM is reportedly also in talks with Dean Israelite to direct the film. Israelite’s projects include the upcoming sci-fi thriller Project Almanac. Screenwriter Arash Amel will pen the script, which was originally drafted by Noah Oppenheim and Zak Penn. Seth Gordon (

) was originally set to direct the remake, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with his other projects.

But which actor who will ultimately bag the movie’s lead role? 20-year old Elgort faces some stiff competition from Sheridan, whose work in the critically-acclaimed

and were well-received.

Both young actors are on Hollywood’s radar as the finest crop of the newest breed of leading men. In the end, it will really come down to who can the reprise the Broderick role in a fresh new way for today.

In the meantime, Elgort is busy wrapping production for , the second movie from the franchise. He will soon step on set to play the lead character in the movie , which is based on the piano virtuoso’s life.  

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