FIFA 14 News Of Bug-Free Updates! Electronic Arts Opens Servers For Downloads; World Cup And Kick Off Modes Available!

EA’s update servers are up and running in the latest FIFA 14 news; players can now download packs with all the promised content intact.

Electronic Arts is making amends for the server glitches over the previous weekend. Players complained of server fails, in addition to gameplay glitches of previously downloaded updates.

The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup and Kick Off game modes are now (supposedly) bug-free and available. EA is pushing players to download the update as early as May 30. In its official forum post: “All FIFA 14 players on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC are currently being prompted to download an update.”

The FIFA 14 news of the glitches prompted developers to delay the update’s release, rather than risk the damage control of handling user complaints. The servers were flooded with traffic almost immediately after the announcement, forcing players to wait for the downloads to complete.

The update pack offers significant additions to gameplay. For starters, there’s fifty 100-FIFA points thrown into the bundle, starter World Cup Packs which are likely supplemented by special packs (to be released). These come with five consumable cards and seven untradeable cards.

World Cup Packs don’t come with badges or affiliations, and are restricted to players, managers, and field (home/away) kits.

Player stats and likenesses in the latest FIFA 14 news are faithful to the World Cup, apart from minor deviations. Packs will contain the usual offering of non-rare players, making room for redemption cards as well.

Each World Cup Pack opened extracts thirty consumables, which can only be expanded by tagging these as received, exiting the World Cup menu, and adding more at the Club storage (


Servers are up for several days now, with updates ready for download. Hiccups are still possible, but will gradually smoothen out in the next few days. Electronic Arts promises to update players of problems and fixes as FIFA 14 news of glitches comes in.

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