FIFA 15 Release Date And Trailer Revealed At E3 2014! Electronic Arts Mimics World Cup Frenzy, Adds A New Element In Play; Emotional Characters That Make Or Break Team Performance

With EA’s FIFA 15 release date set for September 23, football fans are hyped to know more about the features teased at this June’s LA E3.

EA’s continuing football series matures in the latest installment to the franchise, and with the World Cup in full swing, emotions are at their peak. EA plans to take the FIFA experience a notch higher, by using emotions as a factor in gameplay.

Football is an emotional game, and goals are taken or lost depending on how players tackle the ball with their emotions harnessed or in check. The new FIFA title will consider these as crucial in-game, in the same way fatigue is a key factor in scoring points in similar sports titles.

Gamers are promised moody characters on the

FIFA 15 release date

; players on the field will remember offenses. Characters constantly hounded will react accordingly, out of AI-generated “emotion” instead of “reason.”

FIFA 15 will be available on the current and previous generation of consoles, the PS3 and PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as on the PC. The standout feature of the new game will be noticeable from the start, with each of the 22 players on the field given emotional states which change or adapt as the game progresses.

Though most of these emotional states are evidenced visually to enhance gamers’ experience of realistic play, some do affect team performance as well. As examples, characters who constantly clash with each other become more aggressive on-field, and fumbling goalies are either consoled or ignored by teammates, depending on everyone’s emotional state.

EA plans to incorporate an estimated 600 of these emotional states into the game, to ensure immersive, organic play. A trailing team pressed for time will press on aggressively, and those with a comfortable lead will lock their defense against opponent. EA’s official reveal of the FIFA 15 release date and trailer ensure fans find something new in their upcoming football installment (


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