FIFA’s Strategic Committee losses another Member as Uruguay Coach Quits Position

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez relinquished his position at FIFA’s strategic committee as a sign of disapproval over Uruguays striker’s ban by the FIFA Committee due to a biting incident.

Commonly known as EL Maestro among his team, he used the mandatory pre-match media event to announce his resignation.  According to his press statement, he blamed the English speaking media as they created pressure to the disciplinary committee in punishing Luis Suarez. He suggested that since Uruguay is a small country, then they are being singled out.

With regards to his decision to quit he said “It is not wise, at least it is not prudent to be in an organization with people who exerted pressure in order to promote this decision, values that are very different from those that I believe I have.”

He called the Uruguay forward as a scapegoat and he believes that Suarez was given a punishment that was way too excessive for his wrongdoings.

According to the 67 year old coach “Many times you forget the scapegoat is a person who has rights and that in this specific case, besides the mistakes and faults he has committed, he has made significant contributions on the pitch. It is the contribution made by great football players is essential.”

He added “Who wins, who loses? Who benefits, who is harmed? Who ended up getting things their way?”then continued “We never thought or expected what we found out when we were told about the details of the punishment – of an excessive severity, The decision was much more focused on the opinions of the media, and that media attacked immediately at the conclusion of the match. … I don’t know what their nationality was, but they all spoke English.”

Tabarez is not saying that Suarez should not be punished; rather he should be given an opportunity; a second chance and not to be castigated so extremely.

To Suarez here is what his coach had to say “To Luis Suarez, the person who has always been with us, we know him better than anyone else. The path that he has covered is a path that he will go through again, attempting as someone who starts again to be better.” He adds “But to let him know – he will never be alone in that attempt.”

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