Fifty Shades of Grey PDF, One of Top-Selling EBooks of All Time; Movie Still Image Tanked?

The Fifty Shades of Grey PDF has been one of the most bought and most downloaded eBooks for the past few years. Reading it once is not enough for many, as they keep re-reading and re-reading about the sexual adventures of the book’s characters, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. However, many are disappointed with the film image that was released just recently.

One of the images of the film was released to the press and it was expected to give the fans a peek of the S&M lifestyle that the bestselling novel was about. However, there was nothing “sexual” about the image and it was, for many, flat-out disappointing. A teaser poster was released in January, and it featured Mr. Grey with his back facing the camera.

The image only had Jamie Dornan, British TV actor and former Calvin Klein model, who plays Christian Grey in the film, sitting on the driver’s seat of his car, an Audi R8, holding the wheel, and gazing out through the windshield. It showed nothing that depicts E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” at all. In addition to that, the glass of the windshield was not even clear.

Although the vehicle’s leather interior and Dornan’s leather jacket could be depicted as indicatory of the S&M flogging within the movie, it was not really anyone would consider interesting. To top it all off, Dornan’s facial expression was even unreadable.

The movie has been seat for a premiere screening on Valentine’s Day of 2015. In the movie, Dornan will be joined by Dakota Johnson, who will be playing the role of the “innocent” Anastasia Steele.

It would seem that it is the season of disappointing film images, since an image from “Paddington” was also revealed. The still image featured Paddington bear standing in front of the Buckingham Palace and seemed lost. Paddington’s fur was dark and his duffel coat looked big enough to conceal a shank. Of course, an image of the famous adorable bear would not be complete without the yellow hat, which is usually worn by many psychopathic murderers in today’s films. Paddington seemed ready to murder the Queen, but the film’s still image lacks meaning.

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