Final Fantasy XIV Updates: Shiva Primal Battle Quest Revealed As New ‘Rogue’ And ‘Ninja’ Classes And Marriage System Introduced In The Game! [VIDEOS]

New features for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been revealed.

Two new job classes are coming soon in Final Fantasy XIV and these are the Ninja and Rogue during E3 2014 week.

CRAVEONLINE reports that the two new classes are set to be introduced to online gamers in the patch 2.4 of the game. The website also discussed the different skills and advantages of these characters.

The Rogue combat system will feel similar to rogues in “World of Warcraft”, complete with stealth mechanics and poisons. Similar to pugilists, a rogue will dual wield a pair of weapons at a time, saving players from searching for two weapons at a time. Unlike pugilists and other classes, rogues will be lighter on their feet. They will move faster by default than other classes and take less fall damage, staying true to their history as a nimble thief.

The Ninja class on the other hand will unlock various ninjutsu. To activate each ninjutsu, the player must select the right mudra combination. Failure to select the right mudra combination won’t have any disastrous effects, but there won’t be any beneficial ones either. To compensate for the added complexity, the ninja won’t be as dependent on positioning unlike its monk counterpart. Plus, the Ninjas will act as more of a tank than the previous games.

But, that not all Final Fantasy fans!

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV called “A Realm in Peril” has been released and the video features a lot of monsters both old and new in the game.

Siliconera reports that the video showcases upcoming new primal battles from previous boss monsters such as Ifrit, Garuda, Titan, Leviathon, King Moggle Mog XII and Ramuh.

It also showed a glimpse of a new boss character Shiva as players will have to face her in a new quest.

Finally, a new marriage system is introduced in the game. According to reports from RPGFan, the marriage system originally planned for characters to be married with opposite gender, but Square Enix claimed that gender and race will not matter and in addition, there could be a potential new mount exclusive for married couples.

What do you think of the new features for Final Fantasy XIV?

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