Final Fantasy XV Release Date Delayed? Rumored FFXV PC Version Gets Blamed As Reason For The Delay!

Bad news for those who are awaiting for a 2014 release of Final Fantasy XV because it has been revealed that the Final Fantasy XV release date has been pushed back to Spring 2015!

Square Enix recently shared their fiscal results for the year ending March 3, 2014. While the results were mostly positive, their game sales forecast was down to 12 million from 17.23 million last year. This seems rather surprising but since they haven’t properly revealed their games lineup for this fiscal year, it could mean that they probably aren’t expecting many big titles to hit this fiscal year.

Among their big releases, Final Fantasy XV takes the lead as the most popular title, as the series is usually a sure fire hit, and with the no profit growth forecast, it won’t be surprising to see it missing the release this fiscal year, which will end on March 31st, 2015.

Gaming news site Gear Nuke revealed that Senior Research Analyst for Square Enix, David Gibson, said that since Square Enix are expecting lower game sales compared to last year, this could perhaps imply that Final Fantasy XV won’t be released for this fiscal year ending March 2015.

Final Fantasy XV was originally titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII and it was unveiled in 2006 at Sony’s E3 conference. The game didn’t start full production until in 2011. It received a name change at E3 last year and was retitled to Final Fantasy XV. If we go by the original unveil date, it has been a grand total of 8 years for the game, and we have yet to see a proper release date.

What do you think now that the Final Fantasy XV release date has been pushed back and what do you think could be causing the delay? Could it be the development of the rumored Final Fantasy XV PC version? Sound off in the comments below!

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