Five Fun Facts About Jung So Min

Five Fun Facts About Jung So Min
Five Fun Facts About Jung So Min


With her flame red hair and matching lipstick, Jung So Min is not just a colorful character in the drama “Big Man.” Her character is turning out to be one of the more principled members of her “Big Man” k-drama family. Neither her onscreen parents nor her fictional brother seem to have any compunction about killing to further their cause. But although she is a spoiled chaebol, she does have a conscience.

Besides sharing screen time with her attractive “Big Man” co-stars Daniel Choi and Kang Ji Hwan, the 25-year-old is also considering a role in the film “Twenty” with Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul and 2PM’s Junho.

Here are a few more facts you may not know about this young but promising actress:

1.     Her father is actually the head of a company although her real parents are fortunately not evil like her “Big Man” character’s parents. Her father was rumored to be one of the richest men in Korea but she says it is not true.

2.     Her parents did not want her to study acting. With her excellent grades they preferred that she major in science or economics. When she got a scholarship based on her acting talent, they had a change of heart.

3.     When she was chosen to play Oh Han Ni, Kim Hyun Joong’s devoted girlfriend, in “Playful Kiss” she was very surprised.

“I know there were so many candidates,” she said.

But by the time the drama ended she really identified with her character. She felt so close to her character that when the filming ended, she could not get used to people calling her Jung So Min.

“To me, Ha Ni is a very special character,” she said in an interview with Innolife. “Even Kim Hyun Joong said that he got used to calling me Oh Ha Ni. So when he called me Jung So Min it felt a little strange.”

4.     She thought it would be awkward to film intimate scenes with Sung Joon for her role in the drama “Can We Marry” but it was even harder watching the scenes with her parents.

“Before all those scenes I did feel a little awkward but as we set up to actually shoot them it was fine,” she said in a Newsen interview. “However, when watching the broadcast at home with my parents I did feel embarrassed. As it went on they grew increasingly silent.”

5. She has had plenty good experiences working with other actors. She singled out Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Nam Gil, Sung Joon and Oh Yeon Soo as being particularly kind mentors in helping her become a better actress and a better person.

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