‘Flappy Bird’ iPhone Game Users Safeguarded, Hacker Attack In Developer Dong Nguyen’s Domain, Vietnam

‘Flappy Bird’ iPhone Game Users Safeguarded, Hacker Attack In Developer Dong Nguyen’s Domain, Vietnam: After recent hacker attackers succeeded in their cyber malaise in the U.S. and the Australia, iPhone users in Vietnam, home to the creator of popular game Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen managed to escape the threat. 

Cyber experts say that hackers seed viruses in apps and games like the Flappy Bird in order to get to personal information or to change code configurations. The hack attacks reported in the U.S.and Australia were a high-intensity breach of security found among numerous computers in Australia and the U.S.

However, BKAV, a prominent Internet Security provider in Vietnam has ruled out a serious threat from cyber attacks in the country. The seriousness of the threat was assessed by BKAV and what differentiated Vietnamese iPhone users from those in America and Australia is the prevalent use of online services with their iPhone.

Reports worldwide in general claim that mobile hacks and virus issues are on the rise, particularly on the smartphone. The affected accounts showed that the attackers used iCloud to get to the iPhone. One good example is Ebay, which had a spade of cyber attacks recently. Nonetheless, analysts are looking at the Vietnamese online security solutions to determine if they can stand up to future attacks after malware was found on Ebay.

VP of BKAV, Ngo Tuan Anh  said in a Vetnambreakingnews report, “”There is no need for Vietnamese to worry that their iPhones have been hacked. Apple should not be blamed for the latest attacks.”

With viruses clinging to online games like Flappy Bird and Ebay found to have malware, buying iPhones from Ebay with previously installed Flappy Bird game, a trend that became popular after Dong Nguyen decided to take Flappy Bird down from Apple’s App Store. 

At the time, Nguyen felt that the game was too obsessive because no one could stop playing the game; flappy bird implored even Dong to constantly improve on his score. He also reported that the unhealthy addiction led to neglecting his daily routines and chores.

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