Flappy Bird Online Game Free No Download: Dong Nguyen Working On New Game, Re-Release Of Original In August

Flappy Bird online game free no download is making its way back to app stores in the fall, according to reports. In the meantime, Flappy Bird game developer Dong Nguyen is teasing his fans with an image of his brand new game that appears to have a Super Mario and Luigi theme.

Nguyen said in a tweet re-tweeted more than 1500 times in the first sixty minutes, “I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while.” It looks like the Flappy Bird game developer is a bit shy of fame. 

Nonetheless, an image of his new game shows a character with a construction hat flying to land between a small gap: “Think of Flappy Bird, but without the feathers,” reports News.com.Dong does not say much about the character but one would have to guess that he takes after Nintendo’s Mario. It could also have been Bob the Builder that inspired Mr. Nguyen’s new character…Or perhaps the Village People construction outfit?

Pretty much, Nguyen is keeping silent on the release date as well. Dong has gone through a tough ordeal maintaining his privacy after Flappy Bird went viral. He was swamped by fans who wanted desperately to play the game again after he took the game down from the App store. Dong was making $50,000 in ad revenue from Flappy Bird at the time.

Since then, Flappy Bird online game free no download clones have popped up as video games galore and one company has claimed the name ‘Flappy Bird’ for its game. With so many Flappy Bird online game free no download versions installed on the iPhone, these pre-installed smart phones are selling like hot cakes on Ebay.

So, it might be natural that Nguyen is a little taken back about the publicity of his new game. However, he did say that he wants to re-release Flappy Bird in August. The Flappy Bird online game free was taken down in February because it was creating an addiction among players. The original Flappy Bird was introduced online in November.

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