Floyd Mayweather Addresses Cheating Rumors With Tiny Harris! T.I. Says He Was Involved In An Earlier Scuffle Before ‘Money’ Altercation?

Floyd Mayweather addressed the cheating rumors involving T.I.’s wife Tiny while the rapper is now saying that he was involved in a fight prior to his altercation with “Money.”

Floyd Mayweather was recently involved in a brawl with T.I. in a Fatburger restaurant in Las Vegas. It was believed that what started the rift between the two men was the Instagram photo Tiny posted a few weeks back.

“Money” spoke to

who in turn, reaffirmed the boxer’s denial on any further allegations about him and Tiny.

“We’re told Floyd never felt like there was any beef with T.I. — nor does he want to be romantically involved with Tip’s wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris.

“Our sources say Money is very upset over being falsely accused of any shenanigans — and feels it was ridiculous for T.I. to get mad at him … since it was Tiny’s choice to hangout while in Vegas,”

‘s statement reads.

Floyd Mayweather did apologize to T.I.’s wife a few days after the brawl.

“I don’t want to say that about Tiny. So I do apologize to Tiny because she cool people. She never been disrespectful to me,” Mayweather told entertainent website in an exclusive interview.

Meanwhile, T.I. went on to discredit reports that he was badly beat up in the Floyd Mayweather altercation. The rapper took his sentiments to his Instagram account, mainly about the rumors that he had two black eyes after the brawl.

“Two black what????? C’mon now, Never in da history of [expletive]. But nice try tho. Lol,” T.I. wrote.

It was later reported by that the rapper was involved in an earlier scuffle with a security guard at a pool party.

TMZ, on the other hand, had its own set of theories about the matter, particularly about how the stories were “spun” in favor of both parties.  

“You could see why each side would want to spin things,” TMZ said. “If T.I. hit Floyd, how cool is it he landed a punch against the greatest fighter around? And of course Floyd would deny it, cause what champ gets clocked by a rapper?” 

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