Former WEC champion Mike Brown still wants one more fight before Retiring

Mike Brown has always wanted to have one last fight before he decides to retire from MMA but his recent injury may push this plan aside. He was planning on getting back inside the ring on August. Brown was suppose to face Estevan Payan on April 19, 2014 at a UFC fight but had to pull out from the completion due to his injury. He had then been replaced by a promotional new comer, Alex White.

When ask about his choice to opt out of the fight he had said “I accepted it like seven weeks out, but my neck was kind of bothering me and it’s too much on my neck,” he added “I was training and in good shape, but then I started losing some strength in my hand again. When I get banged in the head some of my grip strength goes away and it’s just a reoccurring injury.”

On one of his interviews he has been quoted as saying “I don’t think I’ll fight again. I haven’t retired, just in case, because I don’t want to be a guy who walks away and comes right back.”

Brown had already accumulated 30 pro fights at the age 38. He started fighting professionally in 2001. He is presently fighting as under the featherweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization. He is also a former WEC Featherweight Champion having been able to fight in Japan under a Japan-based mixed martial arts promoting and sanctioning organization, DEEP as well on the entertainment brand, Bodog.

Brown has only fought two fights in his last two years but was able to mange to go 2-1 in his last three fights. He has been struggling to stay healthy under his growing 145 pound division.

Currently, Brown is focusing his attention on coaching which is slowly eating up his time.  It seemed like his fighting spirit is still with the 38 year old fighter. After contemplating on his retirement was as his future career in the UFC, it appears to be that deep inside he still has the zest to give himself one more chance to prove he still what it takes to stand inside the octagon.

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