Four-Time NBA MVP, LeBron James talks about Recently Concluded NBA Finals

It has been a tough 5 games for the Miami Heats as they succumb to their defeat over the San Antonio Spurs. Having come from way up high on a back to back NBA Championship, they have fallen prey to the tough and tight teamwork coming from the San Antonio Spurs. Having only won one game throughout the finals, their pride has been broken and their skills tested over a team raging with revenge over last year’s defeat.

This finals has been dubbed as an epic battle between two supreme team. A lot of basketball fans have been looking forward to what both teams are willing to do to win the crown and one of this year’s key players for the Miami Heats is LeBron James.

After being dubbed as King James, what are his thoughts all the way through the final series? As the last few seconds of game 5 ticks off, the king has already accepted their loss. As the game started, determination was written all over the face of James but as the minutes pass by, the same face showed frustration and defeat. The Heat surrendered to a 104-87 score in favor of the San Antonio Spurs.

“I didn’t do enough.” LeBron James said as they accepted their defeat from the Spurs. They Heat started off great during the first quarter of game 5 of the NBA Finals. They worked hard on their defense making sure that the Spurs won’t be able to score during quarter. But in the end, it was clearly James who worked hard to keep the Heats going.

As remembered, he left his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 to work with Wade and Bosh and aimed for the NBA finals. He wanted to work with a team that can help him achieve his dream together and not as an individual. But regrettably, he was again the sole player lifting the heavy weight of bringing the team to the top. Sad to say, it was not good enough to keep the fire burning as the Heats loses the fight over Spurs on a 4-1 series.

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