Fox To Give “Reply 1997” and “Reply 1994” The “Glee” Treatment


“Reply 1997” and “Reply 1994” may soon get the “Glee” treatment. Fox Television, which was responsible for the musical TV hit “Glee,” is producing an American version of the Reply dramas. The two k-dramas are going to be melded into one and called “Answer Me.”

The resulting American production is described as musical coming of age drama about a group of friends.

The opening episode of the drama will be a collaboration between director Jon M. Chu, and writers Amy Endelson and Emily Myer of “Step Up 3D.”

Chu comes from a dance/choreography background and has produced online series that focus on dancing. He directed the dance movies “Step up 2” and “Step Up 3D,” plus the Justin Bieber concert film “Never Say Never.” He also directed “G.I. Joe” Retaliation,” which starred Lee Byung Hun, and Chu will soon direct “Jem and the Holograms.”

There are no details yet on how the original k-dramas will be adapted.

K-dramas have come to the attention of American producers in the last two years.

An American production of “Boys Over Flowers” premiered on The reviews for the small-scale production were mixed.

Kim Yunjin, the star of the American television hit show “Lost” has plans to produce an American version of the k-drama “Nine: Nine Time Travels,” which starred Lee Jin Wook. That drama is about a man who gets nine chances to travel back in time and fix the wrongs that happened to his family.

Daniel Dae Kim, who played Kim Yunjin’s husband on “Lost” and now stars in “Hawaii 5-0,” is in talks with CBS to create an American version of the k-drama “Good Doctor,” starring Joo Won. “Good Doctor” is the story of a genius pediatric surgeon with some social problems.

“There’s something that Korean TV does that no other country does — the way they portray heartbreak and melodrama,” Daniel Dae Kim told the Hollywood Reporter in May. “In America, there are more serialized dramas and there can be room for something inspired by Korean TV, because I believe good content can transcend cultural barriers.”

While this is true, it may be hard to see how the Reply series can be translated into an American one. Netizens wondered why the producers had not chosen another drama such as “Dream High.”

“Reply 1997” was not even a musical, said one netizen.  Glee did great but this is an entirely different kind of show.

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