‘Frozen’ Elsa Look Alike Goes Viral Via Instagram

Anna Faith Carlson probably had no idea she would be an overnight sensation after posting a picture of herself on Instagram.

The 18-year-old in Dayton Beach, Florida has been gaining international attention for her resemblance to Elsa from the Disney movie “Frozen.”

Her number of followers on her Instagram account even shot up to over 328,000 people after she posted a picture of herself next to an Elsa cut out at the local mall, according to

Yahoo News.

Carlson, who aspires to be a singer and actress, transformed her prom dress to an Elsa costume and began appearing at children’s birthday parties, hospitals and elementary schools dressed up as the beloved Elsa.

She made an appearance at Florida’s Downtown Disney and the Elsa look alike was reportedly surrounded by fans of the character, according to WKMG.

Anna is usually accompanied by her 15-year-old sister, Alexus Grace Carlson, who looks very much like Anna from “Frozen” as well.

“The coolest part is seeing all the kids line up that have always wanted to meet Anna and Elsa,” stated Anna Carlson.

Despite the positive attention that Carlson is getting, she’s had to deal with a few critics as well.

“[The only critics so far are] actually people, here, in my home town. It’s people I went to school with that had the hardest time. It’s only a handful of [people] who say ‘she doesn’t look like Elsa. I’m surprised by all the positive feedback I’ve gotten so far,” explained Carlson, according to

Fox News.

Carlson explained that she has goals and that the fame she’s been getting for being an Elsa look alike might come in handy.

“I do want to be an actress and a singer, and I want to be a role model for children,” stated the model.

She added, “It’s a really good opportunity, this can lead to so many other doors, you know, they see that I’m an actress, they see that I’m good with kids and that I love singing. So this could really lead to other jobs that I can have in the future.”

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