Game Of Thrones: Arya Stark And The Hound, Buddies In Real Life? Maisie Williams Says, “He’s My Friend!”

In a recent interview with Wall Street Journal, “Game of Thrones’” Maisie Williams talked about her character development as Arya Stark as well as her off-screen closeness with co-actor Rory McCann or more popularly known as The Hound.

When asked about viewers’ responses about Arya’s spontaneous laugh in episode eight after finding out about her Aunt Lysa’s death, Maisie said:

“I think they just like the fact that while everyone’s crying about different issues that they have in “Game of Thrones,” Arya just stands there and laughs. I think that’s how people should see life. Just laugh it off, I suppose.”

She also personally liked Arya’s transformation this past season, from desperately wanting to see her family again to finally becoming “more determined to stay alive, and she’s almost angry that it seems like no one else in her family is trying.”

According to her, Arya in season four was “a little confused about how she’s feeling and how to express that because she’s been stuck with this guy (The Hound) who shows no emotion ever.”

By traveling and fighting together, she also learned a lot from him and his past and even starts to like him a little as a person.

Arya and The Hound and may have a grudging companionship against each other, but stars Maisie and Rory McCann are actual friends behind the camera.

“We can just have a laugh and a joke.” She said, noting how the older actor didn’t pressure her to prove herself and just goofed around with her comfortably. “For a 17-year-old to spend a lot of time with an adult, it could be really intense, but not at all. He’s my friend!”

With the Game of Thrones season four finale finally airing last June 15, Maisie plans to be a “normal teenager” before the next shoot begins. She will also star in a couple of feature films, including “Heatstroke” which is due to be released on July 4.

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