‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast Pedro Pascal Tapped For New Netflix Drama; To Play Narcotics Agent In Biopic About Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

“Game of Thrones” cast Pedro Pascal has been tapped to play a narcotics agent in the new biopic about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

According to , “Game of Thrones” cast Pedro Pascal will play a DEA agent who is hunting down Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo Escobar, in “Narcos.” The 10-episode series will be helmed by Jose Padilha, who directed the 2014 film, “Robocop.”

“Narcos” will premiere on Netflix next year, the magazine said.

Both Jose Padilha and the Brazilian actor, Wagner Moura, worked together in “Elite Squad” and its sequel “The Enemy Within.” Both films have developed a cult following for their gritty portrayal of the police squad and corrupt system in Brazil, not to mention the creative action scenes.

The drama, produced by Gaumont International Television, will start production soon in Colombia, added.

Dubbed “El Patron,” Pablo Escobar headed the Medellin cartel and became the king of cocaine industry in the 1980s.

The drug kingpin was very popular among the poor communities in Medellin for his “Robin Hood” persona and in fact, that popularity became his launchpad for a political career when he was elected as member of the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia, representing Colombian Liberal Party.

According to magazine in 1989, Pablo Escobar was worth $3 billion. He was killed in 1993 by the Colombian police.

“Game of Thrones” Pedro Pascal had a very brutal exit from the George R. R. Martin-executive produced show.

In “The Viper versus the Mountain” episode, Pedro Pascal’s character, Prince Oberyn, was defeated by Ser Gregor Clegane who put his head in a vice grip until it exploded.

“‘The Viper versus the Mountain,’ was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done,” he told Reddit fans during an AMA session.

As to The Mountain’s physique, “Game of Thrones” cast Pedro Pascal only has this to say: “He is the largest person I have ever seen in my life.”

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