‘Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington Talks False Spoilers And Future Of HBO Show

The “Game of Thrones” season 4 finale is quickly approaching.

Fans of the hit HBO show should know that any spoilers that have come from Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, should be ignored, according to


The “Games of Thrones” actor reportedly admitted to PageSix that he’s been playing with the hearts of fans about the future of the show.

“It’s the funniest when you lie and say something like, ‘So-and-so dies next episode,’ and they go ‘Really?'” said Harington.

The “How To Train Your Dragon 2” star joked with “Extra” last week, stating, “If they keep killing characters at this rate. . . you’re going to have to have a whole new cast. .  . that’s the funny thing isn’t it. . . because we’re going back for season 5. . .  I can’t even tell you if I’m in season 5.”

Kit Harington, who is reportedly busy promoting “How To Train Your Dragon 2,” mentioned recently that it’s time for him to take a vacation.

“I’m coming to a point where I need a f—ing holiday. I need a break so I’m going to Italy. Hire a convertible sports car, drive around, lie on beaches and relax for a solid week and a half and chill,” he told Confidenti@l.

The actor, who is a rumored descendant of King Charles II, shared his trailer preferences when filming, according to

NY Daily News.

“I’ve been in movies where I’ve had a big trailer, it’s got a kitchen, a fireplace, the whole lot. I feel really out of place in those things. I want my little box that I’ve got on ‘Game.’ I sit and I read and do you know on a serious level, that’s part of the technical thing about filming – learning how to conserve your energy during the day,” explained the actor.

The 27-year-old shared that he doesn’t understand what the fuss is about regarding his gorgeous hair.

“The focus on my hair is silly enough, but I always get asked questions about it in interviews. It’s just long hair, I’m glad people like it,” stated Harington.

He added, “One day I’m going to prank them, get a wig that’s short and send HBO a photo of it and freak them out.”

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