‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers: Jon Snow Back From The Dead With Some Others?

'Game Of Thrones' Spoilers: Jon Snow Back From The Dead With Some Others?

'Game Of Thrones' Spoilers: Jon Snow Back From The Dead With Some Others?

Most of the recent spoilers for “Game of Thrones” season 6 pointed to a return for Jon Snow even if he was presumed dead at the end of last season.
According to fansite Watchers on the Wall , qouting Los Siete Reinos, Kit Harington will return for a huge battle scene.

“L7R reports that Davos Seaworth will be present at the big battle brewing in the North. This was suspected after Liam Cunningham was present at the wrap party the ‘Stark’ battle extras threw, after completing filming on the big scene,” it said. “It makes sense Davos would join Jon Snow; with Stannis gone, the Onion Knight will need to find new purpose in season 6.”
Jon Snow’s death in “Game of Thrones” has been reported and speculated upon, particularly on how Kit Harington’s character will come back after he was stabbed by his brothers in the north for his perceived betrayal of their vows.

The producers, and even Kit Harington himself, insisted that Jon Snow is dead. But online forums pointed to various hints that suggested otherwise, including the fact that the British actor was still sporting the long locks associated with Jon Snow.
Then Daily Mail  published photos of Kit Harington on the set of the HBO series in Belfast last month.
“Having ditched his blacks, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, was standing tall in Stark clothes with his sword on his hip as they filmed on the remote Northern Ireland hilltop,” it said.
Melisandre was also present during the filming which to some fans’ minds buttressed the theory that she will resurrect Jon Snow to fulfill his destiny as the world’s savior against the White Walkers.
But it also could mean that the actor is just filming a flashback scene and doesn’t really suggest that the producers were lying when they insisted that Jon Snow is dead for “Game of Thrones” season 6.

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