George Clooney ‘The Interview’ Sony Email Hacking Scandal.

George Clooney 'The Interview' Sony Email Hacking Scandal.
George Clooney 'The Interview' Sony Email Hacking Scandal.

George Clooney ‘The Interview’ Sony Email Hacking Scandal.  

Fox News said newly married actor George Clooney was furious over the Sony email hacks in which he was involved. He also criticized Sony Entertainment Pictures for not pushing back at hackers, presumed to be working for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.         

He urged Hollywood big wigs to support Sony in Kim’s effort to shelve ‘The Interview,’ a fictional movie that depicts a fake attempt to assassinate the North Korean leader by the FBI. Clooney came up with a petition to not pull ‘The Interview’ and he told reporters he was not able to get anyone to sign the petition. Sony apparently said they did not get a petition from Clooney.

Clooney defined the initial decision by Sony not to screen ‘The Interview’ as a blow to the 1 amendment. President Obama gave his insight into the North Korea Sony Hack debacle saying that Sony made a mistake and that not screening the film would be a breach of ‘freedom of expression.’ Kim Jong Un berated the President saying he acts like a ‘monkey’ in certain situations.

Following highly publicized criticism from President Barrack Obama for Sony Pictures Entertainment not to run its movie ‘The Interview’ after hack attacks, Sony has announced that it will show a limited release of the film on Christmas Day. Sony made a decision to back off from releasing ‘The Interview’ after hackers divulged sensitive data regarding thousand employees and business partners.

Later Sony fired back saying that it’s not finished with ‘The Interview,’ rebutting with an online release of the movie and a limited release at independent theaters. The online screening itself reeled in more than $15 million, making what began as a farcical comedy a mega-hit at the box office. blamed dictator Kim Jong-Un for the and emphasized should “do whatever you can” to release The 

“Do whatever you can to get this movie out.”

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