Germany vs. Algeria Live Stream Free: Watch Brazil Worl Cup 2014 Soccer Online (ESPN TV Online 4 PM)

While Algeria already made history for astoundly qualifying for the Knockout Stage, Germany, on the other hand, is already on their way to their eighth year in a row to play in the Round of 16. In this battle between experience and enthusiasm, who is more deserving to slip in the quarterfinals?

The German team is a three-time world champion equipped with the best players such as Thomas Muller, who had won the Best Young Player Award at the 2010 World Cup following the likes of Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Brazil’s Neymar.

Moreover, Germany’s performance in for this World Cup has been very impressive so far. Finishing first in their group matches over USA, the team beat Portugal at 4-0, tied with Ghana at 2-2, and won over the Americans at 0-1.

On the other hand, Algeria’s first time on the Knockout Stage fields is already a big honor for the team, and also their nation. Entering the Brazil World Cup as underdogs, nobody would have expect the Fennec Foxes to even win their group matches.

Although they lost 2-1 to the mighty Belgium, they have completely redeemed themselves after defeating Korea Republic at 4-2, and finishing the game in a 1-1 draw against Russia.

Their performance for this year’s tournament really is a big improvement in contrast to their last World Cup in 2010, where they were not even able to score a goal. Valid Hlihodzic, their team coach, has been really happy with his team and he even cried to their official qualification.

History talking, this is their first time to meet again after 32 years, where Algeria lost to a rather sneaky West Germany, who reportedly schemed with Autria then, so the African team will not make it to the next round.

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