‘Ghostbusters’ 30th Anniversary Blu Ray Digibook To Include ‘Slimer’ Figurine? Deleted Scenes From ‘Ghostbusters 2’Featured In Remastered Release

“Ghostbusters” 30 anniversary Blu Ray digibook will include a gift set featuring a limited edition “Slimer” figurine. The “Ghostbusters 2” will also feature deleted scenes that have never been shown before.

The “Ghostbusters” 30 anniversary Blu Ray digibook will be available after the first film, restored and remastered, will be shown again to 700 locations in the US and Canada starting August 29, reported.

The digibook, according to the online magazine, will be available on September 16. Sony Pictures Entertainment will also release different Blu Ray editions for “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters 2” which is set to mark its 25 anniversary.

In a statement, Rory Bruer, president of Sony Pictures worldwide distribution, said that the “Ghostbusters” franchise remains one of the studio’s most beloved brands.

“I was lucky enough to work on the release of the film on its first run, so it’s a real thrill for me to see that it’s still connecting with audiences everywhere,” the statement said. “On the big screen or in home entertainment, this is a great movie to experience again and again.”

According to the website, the “Ghostbusters” 30 anniversary Blu Ray digibook will also include an artwork by well known artists, the official music video for the “Ghostbusters” and “a retrospective by the name of ‘Who You Gonna Call?'” featuring director Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd.

“Ghostbusters 2” 25 anniversary Blu Ray edition will include part 2 of the retrospective as well as never-before-seen scenes.

Lexine Wong, Sony Pictures senior executive vice president for worldwide marketing, said in a

article that the studio wants to celebrate the milestone by creating something new which can also be considered as collectible by the fans.

“These new ‘Ghostbusters’ Blu-rays will feature the highest quality presentation along with new content that reflects the rich history of this iconic franchise,” she said.

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