Gigantic Marilyn Monroe Statue in Palm Springs Shipped to New Jersey

In memory of one of the world’s most famous actresses, and most controversial, a Marilyn Monroe statue in Palm Springs was constructed. This is in perfect timing for what would have been Monroe’s 85 birthday. Sadly, however, statue last date of display was on the 2 of April 2014.

Palm Springs was one of the favorite vacation spots of the actress. This was where she spent a lot of her happier days, before she entered the world of show business. Surprisingly, this was also where Monroe was “discovered”. While she was at the Racquet Club in Palm Springs, a photograph was taken of her, and this particular picture catapulted her to stardom over 50 years ago.

The huge Marilyn Monroe statue in Palm Springs showed Monroe bigger than life and guests from all over the world stopped by to personally view it.

The “Forever Marilyn” statue came from Michigan Avenue in Chicago, where it was put on display for nearly a year. The statue of Monroe with a big smile on her face stood at nearly three stories high, or roughly 26 feet. Apart from Monroe’s signature smile, she also had her signature pose, with her huge skirt blowing up in the breeze. Plus, to top it all off, a picturesque view of the area’s mountainside and palm trees serve as a perfect setting for her statue.

More than a couple of cities have released their bid to host the massive statue after her end of display in Chicago was announced. Perhaps, this would be because August of 2012 was a memorable time for the female icon, considering that it was the 5 anniversary of her death. Among all of the cities who were interested to host, Palm Springs was chosen.

Paula Stoeke, the overseer of the gigantic sculpture said, “We received many requests as far away as Tokyo and Madrid and cities in Brazil. We felt that Palm Springs has a special connection to Marilyn because it is the legendary play land for Hollywood.”

The sculpture by Seward Johnson was dismantled and was shipped to its next destination, New Jersey’s Grounds for Sculpture.

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