Gina Carano Dating “Man of Steel” Star Henry Cavill

Gina Carano dating? It looks like this mixed martial artist’s love life is presently soaring. She is reportedly dating her Henry Cavill of “Man of Steel”, who happens to be her ex-boyfriend.

Carano used to date Cavill, but broke up with him only last year. After they went separate ways, Cavill then dated Kaley Cuoco, who is now the wife of Ryan Sweeting. However, it would seem that Carano and Cavill have found their way to each other’s arms once again.

The Carano-Cavill breakup occurred while the actor was busy promoting his billion-dollar rendition of Superman. However, various sources, including Celebrity Dirty Laundry, have reported that the breakup was actually just a PR stint to further increase Cavill’s popularity during that time. With regards to his previous relationship with “Big Bang Theory” star Cuoco, there is no confirmation to date whether or not it was part of the stint as well.

Some insiders have even claimed that their publicists made sure that their names were constantly on everyone’s lips by exposing most of Carano’s dating exploits with Cavill. They were also not shy when it came to talking about the status of their relationship on different interviews, such as with People. Moreover, they also allegedly staged some photo-ops in parks and grocery stores just to create even more publicity for the couple.

Now that they are back together again, anonymous sources say that the PR stint is over and that they are together for good. The press spotted them in Salt Lake City, and according to the media who saw them, they looked even happier now than they did before. Although it may seem that Carano and Cavill are all gushing about each other, the two still keep mum about whether or not they are hearing wedding bells soon.

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