‘Girl Meets World’ Pilot Gets Over 5M Views

The premiere of “Girl Meets World” was quite strong.

The pilot of the new Disney comedy series aired Friday night at 9:45pm and drew in 5.2 million viewers, according to


“Girl Meets World” ranked No. 1 in the series launch of 2014 among the youth demos in kids 2-11 (2.3 million), kids 6-11 (1.8 million) and tweens 9-14 (1.7million.)

For those who don’t know, the “Boy Meets World” spinoff tells the ups and downs of being a teenager in the eyes of Corey’s Matthews’ daughter, Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard.

Although the show might be an excellent addition to the new generation, the Washington Post has noted that those of us who watched “Boy Meets World” in the past might be in for a little disappointment.

However, those who want to watch the pilot just to relive the moments of the hit 90s Disney show, feel free. The creator, Michael Jacobs, who executive produced “Boy Meets World” reportedly threw in a few inside jokes for fans of the past.

“That includes a couple of flashbacks, such as in an episode that shows Topanga, now a corporate lawyer, going back to her hippie roots. There’s also a very sweet cameo in the pilot that could make any ‘Boy Meet World’ fan tear up a little,” writes the

Washington Post.

TIME recently sat down with Ben Savage, who has revived his role as the older Cory Matthews in “Girl Meets World,” where he revealed his thoughts on the “grown-up” Corey.

“Yeah, he just kind of became an old man. I think Cory was just always sort of a grumpy old man, in a loveable way. It was always kind of in there, and got solidified with time,” stated Savage.

He added, “He’s the kind of guy you grew up with who always knew what he wanted and that’s who he was, and he never had to go through some exploratory phase where he had to date a bunch of girls or go out a lot. I think he was just the type of personality that settled from childhood, and that suited him just fine.”

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