‘Girl Meets World’ Spoilers: Cory & Topanga From ‘Boy Meets World’ No Longer Love Sick Teens, Charting New Territories As Young Manhattan Parents

Girl Meets World spoilers can now be viewed a month ahead of its official broadcast premiere. According to TVLine, the first episode of Disney Channel’s Boy Meets World sequel is currently available to verified Watch Disney users. The beloved characters, Cory and Topanga, who ended the 1990s sitcom as amazed happy couple, return to the TV screen June 27 charting new territories as young Manhattan parents raising two kids.

Daily News reported that the new Disney project is “trying to bridge the legacy of the ABC prime-time cult hit with a younger Disney Channel audience with no ’90s nostalgia.”

“This show is going to be catering to a more diverse audience, far more diverse than ‘Boy Meets World. Boy Meets World’ catered to teens and young adults. Now we’re catering to the Disney audience and Disney demographics, but we’re also playing to the audience that grew up with us,” says Ben Savage, who acts as Cory Matthews.

Hollywood Daily News describes Riley as a cheerful and responsible young lady who deeply cares about her family and friends. She works hard at school and prides herself on trying to do the right thing, much like her mother, Topanga, when she was young.

However, Riley’s best friend Maya sometimes makes this hard. Maya is tough and independent, and doesn’t come from a conventional home like Riley. Maya often pushes Riley’s limits and encourages her to take on new adventures.

“As anticipated, Riley and Maya are very much the 2014-female versions of BMW staples Cory and Shawn. Riley’s the daddy’s girl with good intentions, while Maya’s the bad girl with a questionable home life. Maya’s also not afraid to lead an (often literal) rebellion, and just like Shawn during his brief stint as “Veronica,” she loves her makeup, says ” TVLine Staff Editor Andy Swift as he share his first impression of the series.

Riley’s little brother, Auggie, is young, adorable, and silly. He is eager to grow up and be just like his dad, Cory.

Girl Meets World premieres Friday, June 27 at 9:45/8:45c (following the premiere of Disney Channel’s Zendaya-fronted original movie Zapped).

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