Glorious Day” Lee Sang Woo, Park Se Young Date

Glorious Day" Lee Sang Woo
Glorious Day" Lee Sang Woo

Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Young had a rice cake bakery date.

On the SBS weekend drama “Glorious Day” broadcast on June 22, Suh Jae Woo (played by Lee Sang Woo) and Jung Da Jung (played by Park Se Young) enjoyed their date even though they were at risk of getting their relationship exposed.

On this day, Suh Jae Woo was dying to have a date with Jung Da Jung.  However, Jung Da Jung’s sister was lying from sickness and he couldn’t call anyone freely.  Because of this, he held a phone and looked at the door that went to Jung Da Jung and was an object of suspicion by her mother Kim Shin Ae (played by Lee Mi Young).

However, there was an opportunity.  Because there was a lack of labor, he received the call from his grandfather and left saying that he would go to help.  Jung Da Jung also met up with Suh Jae Woo and said, “I came to see how to make rice cakes.”

As these two people were in the rice cake bakery together, they wiped the window together and were looking at each other.  They started to show public displays of affection and this was found by his father Suh Min Shik (played by Kang Suk Woo) and was an object of suspicion.  Nonetheless, they were only in the height of happiness.

Meanwhile, “Glorious Days” airs on 9 PM on weekends. Lee Sang Woo plays the role of Suh Jae Woo who is the “sheltered kid who doesn’t know how to date” and is showing a four-dimensional charisma to target female viewers.

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