God Of War 4 Plot To Feature Kratos Fighting Egyptian Gods? Rumors Suggest That Other Religous Deities Are The Focus Of GOW4!

God of War developer Sony Santa Monica Studio appears to have teased the Kratos outing on Twitter, just a week ahead of E3 2014.

It follows Sony Santa Monica Studio cancelling its new sci-fi game, a move that earned Sony some scorn from Braid creator Jonathan Blow.

Now, the studio had this to say on Twitter:

The tweet is in reference to a 4.3 earthquake that hit Westwood near Los Angeles on Sunday.

Rumors are circulating that God of War 4 could feature Kratos fighting other religious deities such as the Egyptian gods.

While there has been no confirmation from Sony that God of War 4 would feature Kratos fighting other religious deities, fans have suggested that the story of God of War hints that there could be other gods as speculated by user “Lexph3re” on VG24/7:

“None of the gods in god of war are anything like their folklore counterparts. Even Athenas “Ascension” is a key point towards their being a possibility of different variants of the spiritual plane. That the Patheon were merely physical in their interpretation and that they can ascend. Which means what? Dun duh duh duuuunnnnnn! Deities of other spiritual focus.”

User “clupula” even made up a scenario on how God of War 4 could happen:

“Make it a SEQUEL to GOWIII, where Kratos ends up killing the Norse or Egyptian pantheon. I’ve said for the longest time, it’s a no brainer how to start the next trilogy. Have Kratos trying to live a peaceful life in some new region, as he cannot die, and Athena appears to one of the other pantheons and explains that Kratos is a murderer of gods and if they do not kill him, he will surely kill them. The game starts.”

“Ending, after Kratos has killed this pantheon, it is revealed that GOWIII Athena was not Athena at all, but Lucifer trying to clear the way for the current Judeo-Christian religions by killing the old gods and using Kratos as a tool.”

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