God Of War Movie News: Is ‘The Rock’ The Perfect Candidate To Star As Kratos? Manu Bennett, Batista, And Vin Diesel In The Mix As Well?

God Of War Movie News: Nowadays, games have been subject for film adaptations. Not only does it offer interesting storylines, but it also attracts a huge target audience, first being the avid fans of that certain game.

Not many games are given that privilege though, as most games being translated into the big screen are those with a sequel or two. God of War, definitely fits in to that criteria.

Talks of recreating this game as a movie is nothing new; in fact, God Of War was originally announced in 2005 after the game’s release, but was dropped four years later by the director. Daniel Craig turned down the lead role and that seemed to be the end of it.

In September 2009, Brett Ratner confirmed he was working on a God of War film, with Stig Asmussen later stating he had no part in its creative control, and didn’t really know where the film was headed. Asmussen then issued the following statement:

“I don’t believe anything other than a script has transpired at this stage. I think as part of the agreement that (the movie studio) is supposed to (consult us), so if we hear something, than we’ll know. But at this point and in the past two years, we’ve heard nothing.”

However, last year Pacific Rim’s writers were hired for the story and a few details were released. But first, they need to find someone with the same physique and can personify the intimidating Kratos and focus on his backstory, heading in a ‘bolder’ direction than that of the games. But the film has moved no further than this, and there’s still with no director even though a $150 million budget has been earmarked. Can it be done?

A fan made video lists all possible candidates for Kratos’ role. As you can notice, some candidates are former wrestlers in The Rock, Batista, and Goldberg who already have acting experiece in their resume. Manu Bennett, is also a plausible candidate since he played the role of ‘Crixus’ in the hit TV series Spartacus. Popularity wise, the likeliest candidates will be The Rock and Vin Diesel.

To see the other candidates, watch the video below:

What do you think readers? Are there other candidates not included in the video that suits the role of Kratos? Sound off in the comments section below!

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